Day 3 – It’s getting a little easier

I’m not finding myself ridiculously hungry now as my meals come around. This morning was a hearty breakfast with banana pancakes, strawberries and toast. I had my ‘morning’ water and coffee on the way into work. (tired of hearing that yet?)


Morning snack was a repeat from Monday, yummy greek yogurt (mixture of plain and strawberry) and added 1/4cup of strawberries. Always tastey to have this snack.

Lunch was …. interesting. GOOD! And interesting. I’ve never had an egg wrap before so it was a lil difficult for me to wrap my head around how I was going to do it. Yesterday I said that I’m not a huge fan of eggs, so when I saw that I get eggs about 6x a week I wasn’t too impressed. I had some leftover hardboiled eggs for the week so I decided that’s how I was going to do this wrap. Chopped up celery, green pepper, egg and feta cheese. I added some pepper for beginners taste and had the second egg with some mesquite seasoning. It was really good! I wasn’t disappointed after all 😉

HOW COULD I HAVE SCREWED UP!!?? I mixed up my afternoon snack. Instead of grabbing veggies and hummus I grabbed EGGS. DAMMIT! I improvised and still ate my two eggs but also had a few carrots (curtsy of my coworker) and celery with some seasoning. It worked.

Dinner was salmon with salad. It was tastey but I couldn’t finish my salmon. Something just didn’t sit right and I was disappointed. I’m hungry and wanted to eat but I feel every time I eat now something is telling me not to. The salad tasted good with my dressing which is good.

Tomorrow I’m back to oatmeal for breakfast and get to made a new quinea salad. Should be good!



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